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Not all psychological conditions are necessarily the result of a trauma. Many of them may have their origins in physiological disorders such as circulatory, chemical, respiratory, hormonal, viral or metabolic problems, etc…

It is advisable to consult your doctor before choosing a mental therapy like psychology or Hypnosis.



Forgiveness Therapy with Hypnosis

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Hate is a prison. It is easy to get in but very difficult to get out. Hate catches us because it feeds on itself to the point that we can talk of it as an addiction.

People who are sick of hate are not aware of their condition nor that they are being manipulated by a thought hidden in their subconscious, instead they think their thoughts are genuine and have every reason to hate. The problem is that hatred destroys peace and thereby destroys personal relationships, health and life, sometimes leading to extreme situations in which the person feels that he lives in a real hell.

Forgiveness therapy developed by hypnotherapist Iván Gil is a healing method which is based on reprogramming the subconscious to release the chains that it has created for itself. The advantage of this method is that it combines conscious therapy with Hypnosis, making the person free from the shackles of hatred without difficulty.

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Who is Forgiveness Therapy for?

The ones who need therapy are those that have suffered maltreatment or abuse from someone whose presence is constantly in their mind.

Also those who wish to pass to a higher level of peace and tranquility in their lives and have realized they carry hidden grudges that do not let them progress in their personal or spiritual work.

Give yourself something that will forever change your life.


Why does it Work?

Hypnosis works because it allows you to change the negative programming stored in your subconscious for positive suggestions that I give. Click here to book your Evaluation Session now.

To learn more about how Hypnosis works, visit my FAQ page.


How Effective Is It?

In most cases, hypnosis works instantaneously. Once a problem is revealed and reprogrammed, the person completely changes their behavior and attitude in this situation. Sometimes, in a single session a person can get rid of negative programming that would otherwise be disruptive for the rest of their life.

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To learn more about how Hypnosis works, visit my FAQ page.


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