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Not all psychological conditions are necessarily the result of a trauma. Many of them may have their origins in physiological disorders such as circulatory, chemical, respiratory, hormonal, viral or metabolic problems, etc…

It is advisable to consult your doctor before choosing a mental therapy like psychology or Hypnosis.



What is Hypnosis for?

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Hypnosis has helped millions of people restore their physical and mental health and has achieved what could normally be considered a miracle. Real-life examples, such as quitting smoking, losing 40 pounds or more, or curing a long-time phobia are just a few of the many cases for using hypnosis. These results can lead to increased efficiency and productivity as well as a greater level of success in life.

Hypnosis can help you uncover the inner strength needed to overcome bad habits, urges, feelings and negative emotions, and can be a useful tool to work with any condition generated by the mind.

Common uses for hypnotherapy include weight loss, sleep disorders, sexual problems and quitting bad habits like drug addictions or drinking---however it is virtually limitless.

Why does it Work?

Hypnosis works because it allows you to change the negative programming stored in your subconscious for positive suggestions that I give. Click here to book your Evaluation Session now.

To learn more about how Hypnosis works, visit my FAQ page.


How Effective Is It?

In most cases, hypnosis works instantaneously. Once a problem is revealed and reprogrammed, the person completely changes their behavior and attitude in this situation. Sometimes, in a single session a person can get rid of negative programming that would otherwise be disruptive for the rest of their life.

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To learn more about how Hypnosis works, visit my FAQ page.


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