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Not all psychological conditions are necessarily the result of a trauma. Many of them may have their origins in physiological disorders such as circulatory, chemical, respiratory, hormonal, viral or metabolic problems, etc…

It is advisable to consult your doctor before choosing a mental therapy like psychology or Hypnosis.


Ivan Gil - Professional Profile

Who is Ivan Gil

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Ivan GilIvan Gil was born in Colombia and currently lives in the United States. His passion is teaching, healing and spirituality, which he combines admirably in everything he does.

Ivan Gil is a clinical hypnotherapist and stress management consultant from the International Association of Counselors and Therapists, and clinical massage therapist from Florida College of Natural Health, and he studied clinical hypnosis at University of Miami. He is also the author of several self-help books.

Ivan Gil is trained in Reiki, Qi Gong, Yoga and other holistic modalities, which makes their sessions an invaluable source of healing.

His books, videos, lectures, CDs and his hypnosis and past life regression sessions are wonderful tools for personal transformation that stand by the speed with which they produce results.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of Ivan Gil is his ability to tune into the higher spiritual planes and receive information relevant to the process of the person he is working with. For example, on his Chakra Balancing sessions many people have had the experience of seeing the human aura, and many also have been able to feel the touch of the angels.

His spiritual connection is what has served him as a source for the development of his healing techniques. This makes a session with him a completely different experience from anything else the person has ever experienced. For example, a hypnosis session with Ivan Gil is almost certainly going to induce a level of peace that the person had never experienced. Likewise a past life regression can include body massage, helping the person to get rid of traumatic energies not only on the physical level, but also in the energetic level.

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