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Not all psychological conditions are necessarily the result of a trauma. Many of them may have their origins in physiological disorders such as circulatory, chemical, respiratory, hormonal, viral or metabolic problems, etc…

It is advisable to consult your doctor before choosing a mental therapy like psychology or Hypnosis.


Past Life Regressions in Miami and online Via Skype

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In this article I will try to answer all of the questions I get most often. If you have a question that is not here, and you want it to be answered, just send me a message using my contact page. I will do my best to answer it quickly, and if your question is a valuable one I will include it on this page in the future.

I believe that the best possible way to introduce you to Past Life Regressions is through the testimonial of a real person who was suffering from a terrible flying phobia. It is a one minute long video so please take a look on it:

How I got rid of flying phobia



What is a Past Life Regression?

It is a mental procedure, usually performed under clinical hypnosis, which allows the person to return to an event that occurred in the past, either in this lifetime or in previous lives.

When the person visits events from the present life it is simply called "Regression", but when the person visits events from past lives it is called "Past Life Regression".


What Purpose Does a Past Live Regression Serve?

They help to easily get to the root of the problem and eliminate it in cases where a person is suffering from some kind of disorder, either physical or emotional, and does not respond to traditional treatments such as medicine and psychological sessions.


What are the benefits of Past Life Regressions?

They are so numerous that it is impossible to describe all of them, so I will limit myself to the most common ones, which are:

Healing emotional problems of unknown or unfamiliar origin such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, recurring problems such as personal relationships with a negative and repetitive pattern, inability to lose weight, sexual dysfunctions such as the incapability to orgasm, premature ejaculation, and sexual impotence, recurring nightmares and dreams, and many, many others.

They also serve greatly in helping to advance the consciousness of those who have goals concerning spiritual and personal growth. This is because when visiting other lives, there is often the opportunity to also visit the higher spiritual dimensions, where the person could meet their guardian angels, spiritual guides, spiritual masters, and also loved ones who have passed away; this allows the person to obtain extremely valuable information about their current life.

Sometimes the person also receives spiritual gifts, for example a person could receive a gift like clairvoyance, or information about their life’s mission, or even a temporary or permanent angel who will help them with a specific task.


Common uses for Past-life Regressions

Past Life Regressions are useful for many other problems, so many that a book would be more accommodating to describe them, than an article, but I am going to mention some of them so you can gain some understanding.

Phobia or Exaggerated Fear of flying: It is very often produced by a violent death in a previous life, like by being thrown off a cliff. Visiting these events with the use of Past Life Regressions usually solves this kind of problem.

Phobia or Fear of Heights: It is the same case as mentioned earlier, but does not necessarily occur together. A person can have a tremendous fear of heights and yet enjoy flying. Whatever the case, Past-life Regressions is useful to them.

Other exaggerated fears and phobias, such as phobia to mice, cockroaches, water, phobia of enclosed spaces, of the dark, of open places, of the sexual body parts and sex in general, and almost any kind of phobia.

Recurring Nightmares and Dreams: In my practice it is very common that a person who has spent years having a reoccurring nightmare or dream ends up discovering that the scene was real and that they lived it in another life. Phobias often come along with these reoccurring nightmares or dreams. The advantage of visiting these events is that symptoms tend to disappear immediately.

Personal Relations with Negative Repetitive Patterns: Many people have this problem. They always engage with the same kind of partner and these partners tend to have the same type of issues, such as, violent behaviors, addictions, adultery, lying, and bitterness. Past Life Regression is especially good for these type of problems.

Inexplicable pains and aches: Many people suffer from lower back pain, abdominal pain and the most common one, heart pains. It is frequently discovered that the aches and pains are rooted in a traumatic experience from another life and are logically resolved by the sessions.

Sexual Problems: When a sexual problem doesn’t improve after many traditional therapy sessions, it could be because it is being caused by past life experiences. These experiences are often traumatic and violent. For example, a woman who was raped and then murdered, could be incapable of enjoying her sexuality in this lifetime. This is because the unconscious mind is trying to avoid any event that has similarity to that which terrified her in the past.


Why Do Past Life Regressions Heal?

When a person’s life is threatened, the unconscious mind takes over in an attempt to protect the person. This is the reason behind the impossibility to recall memories from traumatic events. The one experiencing them is not the person’s conscious mind but the unconscious mind, so the memory belongs to the hidden part of the mind. The problem with this is that the event leaves a hidden mark. This mark is nothing but a memory, which is the base for the unconscious to make decisions. These decisions tend to be pretty good, but sometimes they are not good and in those cases it is said that the person has a trauma.

Recalling and re-experiencing the event in your mind allows your conscious mind to re-take control over the situation and now you do what you want to do, not what you are told by your unconscious mind.

For example, a person who starved to death in a past life, could eat excessively in this life therefore being incapable of losing weight. What the unconscious is trying to achieve with this course of action is to protect the person, preventing starvation by means of accumulating reserves like fat.


Who benefits from Past Life Regression?

Almost anyone who has been found completely healthy although having physical or emotional problems could benefit from Past Life Regressions. Also those who do not respond to medical or psychological treatment.


How is a Past Life Regression performed?

During the first part of the consultation I ask questions related not only to symptoms of the problem but also about my client’s past, their family and personal relationships, and about the kind of issues they are having. This interview produces very useful information to guide the person during the Regressive sessions.

Image of a Past Life RegressionIn the second part of the session I start training my client so they can go deep into hypnosis. This step is really important because it gives you leverage, helping you to know how to respond to questions and what to do during the course of the sessions.

On the last part of the session I put the person under hypnosis and once the person gets to a deep trance, I start the Regression. If the cause of the problem is located in this life time, then the person will probably go to their childhood, but if the roots of the problem are in past lives, the person is going to go to a different life time.

In order for Past Life Regression to be useful as a healing tool, it requires the person to stay conscious, so I pay attention to keeping the person aware of the experience. I also guide the session in a way that opens up the person to their own healing abilities.

It is interesting to notice that with Past Life Regressions I am not the healer, you are. You heal just by getting in touch with the event that caused the problem, so my task is to help you to achieve the state of mind and to put you in contact with the trauma, your inner self does the rest.


How is the experience? What do you feel?

Regressions are one of the most wonderful experiences a person can have. They provide a state of consciousness where the level of peace and spiritual connection is usually unique, and they often provide access to what I call Spiritual Projections, which are an even more advanced state of consciousness, in which the conscious mind is directed to the higher spiritual planes allowing the person to have angelical encounters. Just for this reason every person should try Past Life Regressions at least a couple of times in their life.

With regard to how the experience of visiting those memories is lived, it is very common that the person is surprised by the realism of the experience and the logic of the trauma, which is often absurd from a practical point of view, but very logical from the point of view of a child's mind. That's why the unconscious mind is often called the inner child.

Very frequently a person visits several events and even several lifetimes during a single session. It is also very common that the person jumps from events of this lifetime to past life events and vice versa.

Additionally, the physical body is affected by the experience from the point of view of perception. For example, someone who relives an event in which they are being thrown into an abyss, they will feel that odd sensation in the abdomen as if they were actually falling down. Part of my work is to deal with these feelings and to reprogram them into positive ones.


Do I need to undergo hypnosis in order to have a Past Life Regression?

No, you don’t. A Past Life Regression is a state of mind and it can be accessed in several ways. I use hypnosis with most of my clients, but I am also very successful in putting people into past life regression by means of physical massage. Of course it is not because of the massage, but because of the energy that I work with, and also because of the specific points that I work on.

In some cases I prefer relaxation over hypnosis, especially with those that are afraid of trance, but there is no reason for such a fear, since a hypnosis trance is one of the most peaceful and delightful states the mind can achieve and experience.


What can I expect after a Past Life Regression?

Most people experience several days of great peace and enjoyment of life. Also, since it triggers the resolution of old traumas, it could lead to some conflicts with family and friends, but that is totally normal and it always produces good results, especially if you deal with them with love and intelligence.

The majority of my clients also report positive changes in their life conditions, and these changes can be so dramatic that they often have difficulty believing that these changes are results from the regressions, but they are indeed.

For example, a person who had an unbearable boss told me that one week after her first Past Life Regression her boss was promoted to a different department so she didn’t have to deal with him anymore. A 45 year old man who had been failing to secure a job for a little over a year and a half, received a call while he was saying goodbye to me in the hallway of my office. This call was for a job interview and he called later to let me know that he got the job. A woman whose husband was contemptuous and humiliating, reported one week later that her husband was changing dramatically in a positive way.

The examples are countless and the possibilities are also endless because, believe it or not, we are creating our life out of our thoughts, both conscious and unconscious. Especially with the unconscious ones.


How many Past Life Regressions do I need to solve my problem?

This question is very interesting. There is no way to count how many times my clients had said to me: "For years I have tried all kind of treatments available in the market, I've done absolutely everything in my power to rid myself of this problem but nothing works for me, so I decided to try you, because I think that what I need is definitely a Regression".

"A Regression"

The person has been struggling with a problem for three, five, fifteen or thirty years and everything they’ve tried has failed at fixing it and now they think that all they need to totally cure their affliction is a single Regression!

Let's make this clear so that my readers do not waste their money on a first session: If someone has a problem so serious that nothing has been effective to fix it, that should be enough to understand that they have a serious problem and therefore one single session will not be enough, not matter how absolutely wonderful the healer and his techniques can be.

Of course I've had many cases in which a single session has been enough, but those are the exceptions, not the rule. Most people need at least three sessions and some need more. Also, people with severe problems like panic attacks, emotional depression and sexual problems are going to require an important amount of hours before they can succeed at healing themselves with the use of Hypnosis and Past Life Regressions.

That being said, I want to add that in many cases Hypnosis and Past Life Regressions are the fastest route available to getting rid of difficult problems.


Do I have to believe in reincarnation in order to be able to take advantage of Past Life Regression?

No. I've had some cases of people who did not believe in reincarnation and they were still able to enjoy the benefits of my techniques. Some of them didn’t change believes even after having really vivid Regressions. I would like to clarify that skeptical clients tend to have more difficulty getting into Past Life Regressions and therefore they generally need more sessions.


What are the obstacles that a person looking to have a Past Life Regression could find?

Regressions and hypnosis are things you have to learn to do. And I say this from the point of view of the subject, that the person has to learn to enter into Hypnosis and Regression.

Absolutely every person who comes to my office in search for Hypnosis, finds that in the first consultation they go deep into a hypnotic trance enjoying it immensely. However that is not the case of regressions, especially Past Life Regressions, as they require a certain level of openness and development of consciousness. So the person needs to learn to raise their level of awareness and vibratory level to really get into regression.

The major pitfall people find when trying to have a Regression is related to being too analytical. Regressions and Past Life Regressions are a thing of the intuitive part of our minds. It has absolutely nothing to do with analysis. So, if you want to have Past Life Regressions and also you are the analytical kind of person, you better prepare yourself for some extra-sessions where you will be just learning how to let go the analytical side of your brain and how to engage the intuitive one.

A person with a strong faith in the Creator and a high devotional level, has many more tools to get into Regressions, Hypnosis, Spiritual Healing, spiritual projection and generally in a state of spiritual accomplishment than the skeptical one.


Is Dr. Brian Weiss the discoverer of Past Life Regressions?

Ivan Gil and Brian WeissAlthough Dr. Brian Weiss is one of my mentors and I would love to give him credit for such an amazing discovery, the truth is that these techniques were practiced in India for more than two thousand years before we get our hands on them.

That is not to say that Dr. Brian Weiss has no merit regarding Past Life Regressions because he is responsible for its rapid spread in the last twenty years and that is something for which all of humanity is indebted to him. There are already millions of people who have been healed because they read one of his books and they decided to look for a hypnotherapist to try Past Life Regressions.

Dr. Weiss is currently retired and no longer taking patients, but more and more of us have learned from him and we continue to bring this wonderful healing technique to those in need around the world.


What dangers does Past Life Regression pose for a person?

If a serious and responsible professional conducts Regressions, there is no danger. On the other hand, if they are conducted by your next door friend, you are definitely playing with fire. There are many things that could go wrong if the person in charge of the regression does not have the knowledge, or even the necessary intuition to deal with whatever is presented in the course of a Past Life Regression.

Reclame su cita Gratis ahora!!!So you need to make sure that you are using the services of a responsible professional. It is also helpful if the person providing Past Life Regression services is spiritually connected with the higher planes and dimensions, so that they can provide Energy Healing in the case that it becomes necessary during the course of the Past Life Regression.

If you are considering visiting me for Past Life Regressions, you probably want to check my Testimonials page. Some of this testimonials are connected to its author’s website or Facebook page.

I'm also trying to get video testimonials from some of my clients. I already have some uploaded to my YouTube channel.


Why don't you upload videos of Past Life Regressions to your YouTube Channel?

I am asked this question very frequently because there is a person who has devoted himself to filming each single Past Life Regression session that he performs and he uploads them into his YouTube channel, however I do not consider that to be professional because one of the characteristics that this type of work must have is respect for the privacy of the client.

A person who is being filmed is not going to freely talk about the events that they are experiencing, especially if these are shameful events, and that leads to incomplete healings. Even worse, people who refrain themselves from talking about what they are seeing during a Past Life Regression could never been able to enter in contact with this experience again, and that is a waste of a tremendous healing opportunity.


Do I have to go to Miami in order to undergo Past Life Regression?

Not really. I conduct Past Life Regressions on a daily basis through the Internet. Since Past Life Regressions are performed with the help of Hypnosis, they are easily performed with the use of Skype.


What if I'm in the middle of a Past Life Regression and I get disconnected from Internet?

Absolutely nothing happens. A Past Life Regression is a mental process that is done with the person being awake, even when it is done through the use of hypnosis, so if the Internet is disconnected, the person will notice what is happening and that will allow them to just interrupt the session and continue with their normal lives.


How high is the level of effectiveness of Past Life Regression conducted by Internet?

The results that I get from Past Life Regressions conducted through Skype are similar to those obtained in person, with the only exception of those cases that require massage in order to get rid of their blockages and/or traumatic energies. However, if a person requires massage but they cannot travel to Miami, the only difference this is going to make is that this person is going to require a few more sessions than they would require in person.


What do I have to do in order to make an appointment for my first Past Life Regression?

The entire process is fully automated, just select Past Life Regression in the following box and hit "Next", then choose your date and time and complete the registration process:


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