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Not all psychological conditions are necessarily the result of a trauma. Many of them may have their origins in physiological disorders such as circulatory, chemical, respiratory, hormonal, viral or metabolic problems, etc…

It is advisable to consult your doctor before choosing a mental therapy like psychology or Hypnosis.



Overweight Treatment with Hypnosis

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A person can be overweight or underweight and both cases can be solved with Hypnosis. Being overweight however is the one that worries people the most.

When someone is overweight the first thing they have to do is go to their doctor to make sure the problem isn't caused by a chemical or hormonal misbalance in the body. If the problem happens to be mental or from conduct, then Hypnosis becomes a very valuable tool because now you can find the origin of the problem and fix it.

The subconscious reasons for developing overweight vary from person to person as well as their past, for example, a woman afraid of sex may develop feeding habits leading to being overweight so nobody will want to get with her and so avoiding sexual relations. Another person may feel abandoned and unprotected and his subconscious mind remembers that his mother protected him and then relates his mom to food since his mother feed him when he was a baby, and so eats in excess in search for his mother in food.

Whatever your condition can be, Hypnosis is going to be a wonderful aid because it allows us to plant the right suggestions into your subconscious mind, making it easy to switch from bad eating habits to a healthy and joyful diet. You don't need to die in starvation; you just need to eat healthy, balanced food and at appropriate times; that is exactly what you can achieve with the use of Hypnosis.


Will I Put the Weight back on?

Reclame su cita Gratis ahora!!! No, because what I do is reprogramming your subconscious so you don't have the necessity you believed you had and this way acquiring adequate feeding habits.

The reprogramming is permanent and could only be eliminated if you consciously decide to change it


Why does it Work?

Hypnosis works because it allows you to change the negative programming stored in your subconscious for positive suggestions that I give. Click here to book your Evaluation Session now.

To learn more about how Hypnosis works, visit my FAQ page.


How Effective Is It?

In most cases, hypnosis works instantaneously. Once a problem is revealed and reprogrammed, the person completely changes their behavior and attitude in this situation. Sometimes, in a single session a person can get rid of negative programming that would otherwise be disruptive for the rest of their life.

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To learn more about how Hypnosis works, visit my FAQ page.


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